j a d e n☆n o v a
06 June 2025 @ 11:21 pm

I did it for the banner, I swear. Comment before you add!

I don't have any real "rules"... but here goes.

1) If you add me, don't turn around and remove me because I'm "not interesting enough." I'm not here for your entertainment, and you're not here for mine. I won't remove you unless you remove me.
2) If you only want comments on every post you make, doooon't add me. I'm not a big commenter, but I read. I'll comment if I have something poignant to say. ^_^
3) If you want to talk about fandoms (j-rock, naruto, other manga/anime...) then cool, but I post a lot about my real, boring, college life. Beware.


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